Two fingers grip it close.
Pulling at my legs like undertows,
Knots tied by you and you alone,
Weighted down to the depths to decompose.

Against a scalp a bare edge dragged across golden hair.
A waning, auburn moon,
Illuminating my nightmare.

Blue hues of two lives split on the same edge.
Find my body,
Continue to dredge.

I want to believe in the light that flickers at the surface.
Forget about my dark home,
Rotting and armless.
The crustacean, carrion feeder,
Consuming me, such a little abaser.

Pick me apart.
Reveal my black heart.
Use it in your ritual to impart,
My damning. My sin. My false start.

Pieces of me at the bottom of your lake.
Rotting for you, falling apart for your sake.
Memories that linger, persist like a stomachache.

Ferry my bones in your current.
Rewrite me as abhorrent,
Disgust my thought that lingers with the antidepressant.

Love me in your dark.
Ignore me when my flesh pulls apart—
Sleep through the pain.
Use my rot to grow your Wolfsbane.

Let me be part of your scenery.
A constant part of your Periphery,
A lingering injury,
The Wolfsbane in your garden scene.
Paint it out before you forget about me.