Abyss I

I walked the steps to Hell, 

Dark as night and deep as well.

With each step the steel adorned across my chest rang.

Echoing down the abyss, deeply they sang.

I knew the dark held evils within it,

But the beast I followed, and darkness it beget.

The light of my torch flickered and faded,

A cool ember mirroring me, languid.

This descent will destroy me, I am sure,

Teeth and claws I attempt to inure,

I fear only for my mind in this place.

For I faced it once, just a taste.

It crawled on all fours despite its upright appearance. 

Across its dozens of eyes manipulated a calm fluorescence.

It would shriek as if harmed across the flooded moors at night,

Drawing in the curious like some form of pseudoparasite.

Half sunk in the mud it would appear beautiful.

The colors shifting, its motives unfathomable.

Do not trust the nebulous guise.

For when you close distance, its eyes synchronize. 

Wrenched from the mud, limbs long and with purpose,

You’re pulled into the mouth where it hid below the mud’s surface.

Its hunger was not ever satiated.

It left a hundred or more lost and dessicated. 

Now I pursue this beast I fear to imagine.

It slunk its way deep below this castle’s abandoned cavern.

A grip on the hilt I feel my purpose,

As the otherworldly colors on my mind would gain purchase.

My armor would echo in the open chasm.

Its colors illuminating a sight most gruesome

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